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Terms and Conditions

Our terms of service are very simple:

  1. We will not sell your personal information. We will do our best to protect your personal information. We do not ever keep your credit card information.
  2. We are not responsible if someone breaks our security and steals your information from our database. We will notify you via the email address you provide if there is any breech in our security. We are not responsible for the costs to you of any information which a breech in our security may cause.
  3. We will remove your information from our database whenever we receive an email from you asking for this to be done, which email must contain both your username and password, which insures us that you are truly the person asking for this information to be removed.
  4. We will e-mail at the address you provide if we change these terms of service, to ask for your agreement. If you do not agree we will remove your information from our system.
  5. Each e-mail you receive from us will include a method for you to indicate that you do not wish to receive emails from us.