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The World's Best
Grill Cleaner

Easy To Use, Easy To Clean
And It Will Clean Your Grill Like A Miracle!
Patent #7275278
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How It Works

I guarantee this tool as long as you own it!

It will not scratch any grill grate on the market. The long handle is designed for you to clean while your grill is hot (a friend of mine cleans his grill at 500 degrees or higher) or cold (which is what I do). The Martin Grill Gadget is easy to clean...just wipe the universal disc with a paper towel. This fantastic tool looks beautiful and really works!

Wire bristle brushes can tear, splinter and leave entire wires, or fragments of wires on your grill or in your food. Each year children and adults of all ages ingest grill-cleaning brush bristles causing severe injury.

  • Solid brass universal disc secured by a strong, removable stainless steel cap
  • Solid aircraft grade aluminum shaft, flexible but virtually unbreakable
  • Hand-designed wooden handle with sturdy leather hanging strap
  • The universal disc has different size slots which will fit your grill and it will clean your oven rack like a miracle!

Benefits of the
Grill Gadget

Easy To Clean:
It is highly polished to both look good, and have no nooks where grime can cling! Simply wipe it with a paper towel without using soap, solvents, detergents or any other poison!
No Bristles:
There are no bristles to break off, no bristles to stick your finger, no bristles to hold the filthy grime!
Made Of Polished Brass:
Stainless steel will scratch many newer grill grates; aluminum will bend, normal steel (and cheap aluminum steel) will rust. Unpolished metal, even brass, has pits and grooves that hold grime and germs.
Solid Construction:
About the only way to hurt this tool is to burn the handle in a fire or bend the shaft by running over it with a car! There is absolutely no way to hurt this tool in normal use!
Lifetime Warranty:
You will never need to ever buy another grill grate cleaning tool!

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Our Story

In a small West Tennessee town in 1981, a man by the name of Andrew Martin needed a tool to clean his grill. He sat down and designed The Martin Grill Gadget. He used it for 20 years before he realized he had something that every grill owner needs. The Martin Grill Gadget turns a dreaded, messy job into a quick and easy one! Since then over 100,000 people have bought it and most people actually buy them as gifts after they use it themselves!

The Martin’s Grill Gadget Journey

This is the story that started all of The Martin Grill Gadget wild adventures. Come see were we’ve been and follow us where we are going. From Tennessee to the Jersey shore we explore, looking for griller’s who are looking for… The world’s best grill gadget.